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Rxvcomp Recovery Review


In the realm of fund recovery services, Rxvcomp Recovery stands out as a beacon of hope for individuals who have fallen victim to scams and financial fraud. With a solid track record spanning over 5 years, Rxvcomp Recovery has consistently delivered favorable outcomes to countless clients worldwide. This review aims to shed light on their services, pricing structure, and the comprehensive process they employ to recover your lost funds.


Rxvcomp Recovery specializes in combatting a wide array of online scams, with a primary focus on unregulated brokers and fraudulent merchants. Whether you’ve encountered binary/forex scams, illegal brokers, mail fraud, Nigerian email scams, lending guarantees that were never honored, advance fee scams, romance scams, medical scams, or charity scams, Rxvcomp Recovery is equipped to assist. The remarkable aspect is their efficiency, often completing claims within one to six months.

Rxvcomp Recovery Chargeback Process

Rxvcomp Recovery’s approach to fund recovery is marked by a streamlined three-stage process that sets them apart. While not every case guarantees success, Rxvcomp Recovery takes actions that banking fraud investigation teams may not have the resources or time to execute.

  1. Assessing The Case: Prospective clients can benefit from a free case assessment to gauge the feasibility of Rxvcomp Recovery’s services. Upon approval, a comprehensive review of the case is conducted, surpassing the initial assessment. This thorough evaluation leverages the provided information to devise the most effective recovery strategy.
  2. Gathering Evidence: Rxvcomp Recovery goes beyond transaction records and bank statements, requesting all correspondence with the fraudster. This correspondence plays a pivotal role in substantiating the claim and recovering stolen funds. At this stage, Rxvcomp Recovery collaborates with a team of legal experts.
  3. Confronting The Culprits: Once all evidence is compiled, Rxvcomp Recovery directly contacts the scammer. They outline the potential consequences of not returning the funds, bolstered by the compelling evidence against them. While this approach doesn’t always yield immediate results due to scammers’ evasive tactics, it serves as a powerful warning that the victim is actively pursuing recovery. Moreover, Rxvcomp Recovery contacts the client’s bank to prompt action from the fraud investigation team, a proactive step not taken by all chargeback companies, thereby enhancing the chances of recovery.


Rxvcomp Recovery starts with a complimentary initial consultation, ensuring no obligation to proceed if clients are not fully convinced. In terms of cost, Rxvcomp Recovery offers competitive rates. Clients are initially charged a 10% upfront fee, with an additional 10% commission applied only upon successful fund reclamation.

While some may deem this cost relatively high, it becomes a wise investment when weighed against significant losses, such as $30,000, with approximately $6,000 required for recovery. Essentially, clients are paying for specialized expertise in fund recovery that would otherwise be challenging to access. The chargeback process involves substantial effort and demands a wealth of experience to achieve successful claims.

Customer Support

Rxvcomp Recovery truly shines with its 24/7 customer support. Whether you have an urgent query or prefer non-immediate communication, their dedicated team is readily available via both phone and email.

Pros & Cons


  • Competitive pricing
  • Impressive chargeback success rate
  • Access to high-end firewall penetration experts
  • High level of professionalism
  • Access to 24/7 customer support


  • The employees are not lawyers, but they collaborate with a team of legal professionals
  • The employees are not law enforcement, but they have good affiliation with law enforcement agencies globally.


With a track record exceeding 5 years, Rxvcomp Recovery has established itself as a trusted name in the realm of fund recovery from a diverse range of scams. Their winning formula combines competitive fees, an expert and experienced team, and a steadfast commitment to assisting fraud victims, be it through deceptive brokers or ill-fated investments.

Rxvcomp Recovery distinguishes itself with 24/7 customer support, free case assessments, and a proven history of reclaiming millions of dollars. In the world of fund recovery services, Rxvcomp Recovery is an unrivaled choice, setting a high standard and providing a beacon of hope for those seeking to recover lost funds.

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Jose Antio

I was looking for a company that would help me recover the capital I invested with a fake CoinOne platform stolen by crypto scammers. I came across Rxvcomp Recovery and I got the best of service from this company. Fast and reliable. Therefore, I will give 5 stars!

Jessica Waters

My crypto assets were recovered and after a few weeks they assisted me in withdrawing from my wallet into a licensed exchange. From the exchange I converted into USD and withdrew to my bank account all $262,420. I bought a new truck, paid off my line of credit, and took a nice long vacation. I highly recommend listening to whatever your case manager says cause they know what they’re doing.

Greg Pati

My experience with Rxvcomp Recovery was longer than expected but worth it.
I was scammed by several online platforms promising high returns, only to find out that my accounts had been wiped clean. Ended up in debt with my bank and my friends, when I reached out to Rxvcomp Recovery they took my case and walked me through the process of this headache that I got myself into and were able to successfully get a return of my investment from 2 of the platforms. They are still handling the last one and I have no doubt they will be successful.
I am very grateful.

Melinda Nelson

They do a great job. Trusted, reliable, and solution-oriented. They have a STELLAR team of experts who helped every step of the way. I never thought recovery was possible, now I know it is! Don’t wallow in depression and fear, reach out to their experts to help handle your case.

Rob Ankit

I bought some bitcoin in October 2016 in my blockchain.info account but lost the password.
For years I tried logging in using all possible password guesses I could remember but to avail.
This frustrating state lingered until I came across an article talking about the services of Rxvcomp Recovery, I was skeptical at first considering the rise in crypto scam in recent years, but then I saw the sincerity and the sophistication of the recovery process…..to cut the long story short, I was able to gain my password back and access into my bitcoin 48 hrs after I made contact with Rxvcomp Recovery.
Thanks to Dunken and all the management team.

Brad Ray

I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to RXVCOMP Recovery for their exceptional service. After weeks of frustration and countless failed attempts to access my Bitcoin Core wallet, I stumbled upon their services. From the moment I reached out to them on September 19, 2023, their professionalism and dedication were evident. They took the time to understand my situation and assured me that they would do their best to recover my passphrase. And boy, did they deliver! On September 22, 2023, they cracked the code and restored my access to my precious Bitcoin. It felt like a miracle! RXVCOMP Recovery’s expertise is truly unmatched, and their commitment to helping their clients is extraordinary. I couldn’t be happier with their service and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in need. Five stars don’t even do justice to their remarkable work! – Brad-Ray from Australia! Trust these guys to get the job done! 🙂

John Dickson

RXVCOMP Recovery thank you so much, I really appreciate you guys. At first I had my doubts about your service but you proved me wrong. You delivered and deducted exactly your 20% service charge not more not less. They are tested and trusted I can guarantee that anytime any day.


I would recommend RXVCOMP Recovery to everyone. They helped me recovered my Blockchain wallet password which I created back in 2013. They are professionals and help people get back their money. If you lost your password then don’t worry these guys can help me get your lost bitcoins back. Thank you very much.

Tommy Hundaz

Dunken and RXVCOMP Recovery were able to recover a large tranche of STX tokens. I was unable to access my tokens from a HIRO wallet upgrade. I had written my secret recovery phrase but had only 23 of the 24 words written down. They enabled recovery using a computer program using a process called brute force which used all possible words (over 1000) into all 24 variations of the recovery phrase. I was thrilled at what they accomplished. Throughout this Process Dunken and his group impressed me. They were knowledgeable, professional and adept. Their technical expertise and communication was excellent. Very trustworthy. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has lost crypto assets without hesitation. 5 stars

Lisa Paul-David

These people are amazing and extremely professional! I contacted them when I lost the login to my wallet. Thinking it was a lost cause, I didn’t have much to lose. They were incredibly kind and helpful. I sent them the information I had and my best password guesses. It took a while because I didn’t have complete information. Sure enough, they were able to give me access to my wallet! It’s scary to trust someone on the internet with you password and account information but these people are trustworthy and professional.

Kasper Lee

I contacted RXVCOMP Recovery regarding the loss of my money to Cryptorealprofit. Over $280k had been stolen from me through investment.

To cut my review short,
the recovery of my money was a success. As I received it in my bitcoin account.

Although, the process was a tad technical for people like me that isn’t much of a tech savvy individual.
I was very satisfied with RXVCOMP Recovery’s services. Special thanks to Mr Dunken. He is a very knowledgeable person in the field of assets recuperation.

Jasper Wong

Agent Steven was very helpful when he handled my recovery case as I recovered 106k USD lost to FX-options!

I can attest to their effective recovery services.

Although, the responses from their support team came pretty slowly which I guess was because of the volume of request they get people all around the global in the same mess as I was. Other than that, everything went smoothly. Thank you, RXVCOMP RECOVERY.

Rony Adner

I took the gamble with RxvComp Recovery and I am extremely happy for a few reasons.

It took a lot for me to mentally commit to sharing my wallet ID with a stranger, let alone a company claiming to crack into what everyone calls “impossible to crack without a secret phrase”

I found an old blockchain.info transaction I had made from years ago + my wallet Id but no wallet phrase.

After finding RxvComp Recovery was recommended by Blockchain.com I looked into the company and found a lot of publicity so I took the shot in the dark.

The process was actually fast and didn’t take 24 hours

They access your account but take screenshots along the way while sharing with you over email.

You will then have access to your account and can validate that they did not take any of your funds since you can review the transactions. A 20% deal to recover your seemingly lost funds is a steal in itself.

man… they deserve all of the support they can get.

Mitchel Surke

Their top priority is keeping your information secure and they are the best at recovering your stolen funds. I got swindled by a man who I thought loved me and was ready to build a life with me. I lost 210k USD. Thanks RXVCOMP Recovery, I recovered my capital and some part of my estimated ROI after six weeks. I couldn’t be more grateful. Spreading the word as much as I can.

Lizzy Morgan

I had been holding onto to my deceased brother’s Blockchain account for a while, not knowing what his secondary password was. I even went as far as trying some of the brute force methods available on YouTube and either I was not smart enough to get close to the password, or I didn’t have the computing power or both. So I gave up.

Fast forward 6 years.

My daughter texted me the recent BBC article on these guys and suggested they may help. Funny that they were based out of NH and we were from MA. I didn’t expect much, figured this was a “cold case” and they probably were pretty busy with the growing interest of digital currency. But I received a response within a couple of hours!

Dunken was very nice and I shared my ordeal with him. He then gave me an overview of their services. We sent them the info they needed and heard from them the three days later, on a *Saturday*, telling us they had obtained the secondary password!

We opened it together over a Zoom call and , and found a substantial amount. My intuition was right and I am happy I did this for my late brother and the family. All of this won’t have been possible without the help and expertise of the RvxComp Recovery and their penetration experts. Highly recommended.

Lisa Carmichael

Angels that fell from the sky. I’ve been scammed so many times, I thought they were also, but I was wrong. They have helped recover a sizable amount of money I lost to a dubious soul. I have paid off most of debts and building my credit again! I am very appreciative of Rxvcomp Recovery.

Mike Anders

They were completely honest and transparent all the way through, and I would highly recommend the service.


They were completely honest and transparent all the way through, and I would highly recommend their service.

Lanke Moore

My experience was great because I recovered my lost investment in a relatively short period of time. I was scammed by a fake website of $64,000.

I got a total of 80% back minus fees. I am very happy about the outcome. I didn’t know what to expect but I am glad this is all behind me now.

Miguel Sanchez

I was lied to by an impersonator on tiktok into thinking I was entering into a crypto mentorship program, and was guided to set up and verify an account on speedexcapital.net. I was then instructed to fund the trading account with bitcoin. I funded the account with roughly $25,000They had my bitcoin and nothing was forth coming from their end regarding the mentorship. I began to suspect the shadiness. After asking for my funds to be refunded, they told me relax and not to worry, etc.

When I asked why I couldn’t just take my money back if I feel uncomfortable, they didn’t give me an answer. There was no option on the site I could see that allowed me to move anything unless they “gave the permission” to do so.

After seeing the reviews from a bunch of recovery companies, I decided to go with the top 3 and ended up selecting RXVCOMP Recovery to handle my case. They asked for my proof of claim and a number of other documents, after 2 weeks, I recovered 80% of my lost amount. I’m new to the world of crypto, and I was more than an easy mark, and people like me need services like this. Special shout out to the RXVCOMP Recovery Team.

Kanculni Magalne

I wrote them on Friday. They got back to me on Monday. They couldn’t help me with the recovery because it would have been too much for me to spend and too little for them to get, if that makes sense. But they did give me an avenue of different things to do, which is great because most people just say no and send you on your way. These people took the time to give me different suggestions and different places I can go to get my help to stop these So b’s. Excuse the bad english as I am not a native English speaker.

Precious Kan

I got scammed by a company named foxlaarge.com of $1800. I contacted this company, although they could not help me given the low amount they promised to recommend a procedure to me to recover my funds.
Thanks to them for the frankness and the help. I am in a better place now.

Jane Liven

The world of scammers is getting better and better. I was aware of the possibilities of being scammed, however I still got caught. Instead of sulking and being ashamed of myself, I have done something about it by reaching out to RXVComp Recovery. I recovered a significant portion of my previously lost investment to one Michael Andams on EliteSingles.

Don’t wait, you will only lose more. Report and file your case via RXVCOMP RECOVERY


I hope you will continue this noble work, which helps guarantee people’s rights, with you we feel safe.
I was defrauded by the Genesis Continental Pro platform of 64,000 GBP. I thought my hard earned money was gone forever. I am typing this with tears rolling down my eyes. Thank you for helping me recoup my lost invesment RXVComp Recovery. I owe you forever!


I was scammed out of my life’s savings (260k) – finding a company willing to help was almost impossible. Then I came upon RXVCOMP Recovery & I gave them a shot. I actually got a call back from a very nice man named Jordan who was friendly & very helpful. Even though I knew I was the one who screwed up – he never made me feel stupid for doing so. He explained everything – did daily follow up emails & even when I was delegated over to the penetration testers’ group, he still managed to call to see how I was & how things were going. I would recommend this company & especially Jordon for his outstanding concern & care. I got my money back!!!


I have just opened a case through Mr Dunken who was very kind and instantly made me feel better about a horrible experience recently with scammers. Although we are at the beginning of the process, I feel reassured that they can help and I will write more about the experience as time goes by!
Thank you, Dunken.


My wife and I decided to invest in real estate so we checked opportunities in North Carolina. We got scammed out of almost 180k USD and we thought we lost everything. Afriend from church recommended RXVComp Recovery. After a month, we received a sizable amount of our lost investment. Boro Rogers


I didn’t know what to do when I got entangled in a credit card fraud. I got in touch with a lovely lady – Sophia from RXVCOMP Recovery. Though I felt like an idiot, she managed to guide me through every step of the procedure, and I resolved my issue promptly. Thank you, Rxvcomp Recovery


I lost USD 190k to a cryptocurrency scam (polkaswaps.me) and was frantically looking for help and found Rxvcomp Recovery through google search. Jessica was the one who got back to me, she convinced me that they were very confident to solve my case and get my money back. I had mixed feelings but I carried on as I was desperate to get my money back! I got my money back after 3 weeks!! Those 3 weeks were the longest wait of my life. To say I am happy and pleased in an understatement!! I highly recommend Rxvcomp Recovery! Way to go!


Hi guys, I was a part of an online scam and I urgently needed to get my funds back.

Due to the situation I was in I was much more careful in finding a company that could help me get my funds back. Lucky for me this time I choose the right one.

This is the go to company if you were scammed. As I contacted them and wrote about my situation they reached out to me the same day. Shocked. Their customer support rep was very profesional and detail oriented which lead to results I was looking for.

Hope this info is helpful for those who are in the same position like I was.

Natasha Kivas

I got sucked into this scheme. They got me using Elon as the forerunner of the company. I lost a ton to these people without a moral compass. Rxvcomp Recovery saved me!! I am grateful!!
Another option is to file a class action lawsuit but that would take forever. Report QuantumAI and never put a cent in there.


I had signed up n invested money in QuantumAI…but after I asked to close account all I got was excuses and more excuses.
Money was in escrow account, give more money to release money n etc. I managed to recover over 100k thanks to RXVCOMP RECOVERY.

I wud say don’t fall for this ….it’s a trap. All are con artists … Biggest is founder of AI. Stay clear.


I immediately got in contact with the RXVCOMPRECOVXRYAGENCY.COM after my scam was obvious. I would recommend the same to anyone who was a victim of fraud. They are amazing! Professional and friendly. It is a long journey but it will certainly pay off. They were always by my side for any questions and ready to help me with any problems I encountered. Completely recommend the service and I hope that it will work out as it did for me.


I highly recommend Rxvcomp Recovery. I was caught up in a horrible crypto scam leaving me distraught and feeling hopeless. I had lost an enormous amount of money with no knowledge of how to get it back. Lizzy and Ella were fantastic and encouraged me to let them help. They retrieved my funds 3 weeks and I honestly can’t thank them enough. They helped me through one of the worst times of my life and were always there to guide and support me every step of the way. Trusting Rxvcomprecovxryagency.com was not easy after being scammed but that was the best decision I made.


Over a period of 6 months I had invested over £90K in a company called Universal Assets trading in Bitcoins and a further £65K to realize my “substantial” profits. This sum included Brokers commission and a Tax Payment. Realizing that I had been massively and very plausibly scammed I contacted Rxvcomp Recovery who offered to get my money back.
Mr Dunken my case coordinator in particular was professional and helpful and drafted highly professional letters for me to send to my bank and other agencies. My bank accepted that they were at fault and quickly reimbursed me in FULL with all that I had lost plus ADDITIONAL compensation for the traumatic effect this had had on me.
So thank you Rxvcomp Recovery for drafting the letters. The only little glitch was that the firm charges an upfront fee with a refundable clause in an unlikely event of failure. In my case they wanted an upfront (refundable) charge of £10K (probably less for smaller sums involved) and then 10% after the money is recovered. Money well paid in my case. I got my stolen amount back.

Pelestri Jack

I have received almost all $ back; and one of the crooks are now in Jail in Banning, Fontana, California or near there. I am still waiting for report from the government. And I have the real name!! This won’t have been possible without the help of Rxvcomp Recovery. I am indebted to this company!

Abbas Londo

I had a cold feet after been ripped off but I followed my instinct and I carried on with recovery with RXVComp Recovery. I got 80% back. My heart is full. I am grateful.


I was SCAMMED out of a lot of money from PHOENIX FX and was devastated. I emailed RxVComp Recovery and was immediately calmed down. I was given a team of people to get my money back. After a month, I got a sizable amount back thanks to this good company. I wonder how some people resort into ripping others of their hard earned money! What a shame!

Bodex Stef

In my case, I turned out to be very naive, because I was in such a situation that I was in debt and wanted to return the money as soon as possible, and by chance these fraudsters appeared who wanted to “speed up” that situation. So I started investing money through various wallets in various currencies where it worked brilliantly, the profit grew, my faith grew that I would return the money as soon as possible. It became more and more suspicious that I had to invest extra money so that I wouldn’t lose the rest of what I earned and so I kept investing until I wanted to pay. When I wanted to pay I did various verification of my account in order to pay, but of course it was not valid and that’s why I turned to you where you gave me your professional help! With that, I hope that together we will be able to push through a happy ending! Fingers crossed.


Rxvcomp negotiated a full refund of $19,999.00 (£19498.52) to my business account after a scam by a media company. Kudos

Langat Michael

RxvComp Recovery helped me to get my money back. Great company, kept me up to date regularly, cannot thank them enough. Highly recommend them.


Repeated attempts to withdraw my invested funds with Coinbull never worked. Finally my account with them stopped working altogether and my $15ok was nowhere to be found.
Months after the company maintains, notwithstanding the fact I immediately notified them of service failure, that I am obligated to pay for services, I paid and got nothing back, from taxes to settlements fees, nothing was given to me. I saw the reviews of Rxvcomprecovxryagency.com and gave them a shot at helping recover my funds. I thought nothing substantial would come out from it but I was wrong. I got 80% of my money back. These guys at Rxvcomp Recovery sure know what they are doing. I highly recommend!

Dawn Kamala

I actually thought JamupFx were running a trustworthy business, only to find out they are swindlers!!
I can laugh about it now, but it sure wasn’t funny back then…
I barely didn’t get all they took back if not for the good people of RxvComp Recovery. They put me through the stages of recovering my assets back. They are meticulous and would even give you clarity on how it was recouped. Please stay away from HYIPs.

Metil Hunes

CryptoFx ruined me financially. Thank God for recovery companies like Rxvcomprecovxryagency.com . They saved me! I don’t know where I’d be if they didn’t come to my rescue, maybe I’d have ended it all. I am grateful for all the emotional support as well. You have my 5 stars forever!!

Victor Hautz

I found Rxvcomp Recovery after losing USD 216K to a fake Forex Broker. I contacted them to try to get my money back and it was the longest wait of my life. I was nervous and didn’t know if I could trust them. Fast forward to this day, they proved themselves and recovered a significant portion of my investment, though not all but I am grateful all the same. I had to learn the hard way!!

Hakzam Fayaz

Bravo! Singing the praises of this exceptional company! Thank you for taking up my case and the reassurance of a bright life again! Appreciate.

Jenny Antola

I sent 3 mails now and I haven’t gotten a response. Please, I need someone to attend to me. I was ripped off of my life savings. I don’t know what else to do as I am at crossroads. Should I try another recovery firm? Someone please advise.


I was scammed by my senior account manager always providing me those symbol to Buy/Sell on reverse position and stop lost by the given setting,After my balance fund drop. He will frightening me to top up fund to avoid margin call. (2) Later. I found a highly fluctuation trade pattern symbol to trade on my 12 trader platform. I made three hundred thousand USD profit in my real balance account.I made this profit cent by cent to trades on the platform day by day . Later this profit was void and told me that the profit was not real money it was due to technical error of their liquidity provider.Every cent was traded on the platform and its profit shown on my real balance account instantly. That was not real??? I couldn’t be more thankful to RXVComp Recovery for coming to my aid. I got a sizable amount back. Be watchful, some of these people (scammers) are heartless and take will do all it takes to squeeze out even your last cent.

Bosmen Joe

I managed to get back around USD 50K of investment back thanks to RXVCOMP RECOVERY.

Mica Russ

I found Rxvcomprecovvxryagency.com to be very efficient and professional. As a result of their involvement in my case, I managed to retrieve 80% of my lost funds. Thank you!

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