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Restore Arena, established in 2017, specializes in safeguarding investors against trading scams and recovering funds lost to fraudulent investments. With four years of experience, their primary mission is to assist victims of fake platforms and unregulated companies in swiftly and efficiently retrieving their investments. Restore Arena boasts an impressive 95% success rate in fund recovery when there is sufficient evidence to support the case. In this review, we will delve into the services offered by Restore Arena, what clients can expect from each service, and the level of customer support provided to help you determine if Restore Arena is the right choice for recovering your lost funds.


Restore Arena offers four key services designed to reclaim scammed funds, protect potential investors, and provide peace of mind:

  1. Investment and Trading: Restore Arena possesses extensive expertise in identifying and addressing financial investment and trading scams. Clients who have fallen victim to scams can expect their claims to be thoroughly assessed to ensure a high likelihood of success. To initiate the recovery process, clients must provide detailed information about the fraudulent broker, agency, or company responsible for their losses. Upon acceptance of the case, Restore Arena launches various strategies, including legal action and communication with relevant ombudsmen where applicable. Their adept handling of unregulated brokers often results in settlement offers from brokerage CEOs, hastening the resolution process. While settlements may take up to six months, many cases are resolved much more quickly. Upon successful recovery, the reclaimed funds are deposited into the client’s account, with Restore Arena receiving a commission from this amount.
  2. Consulting and Recovery: This service enables investors to consult with Restore Arena’s experts to assess the legitimacy of potential brokers before making investments. Restore Arena, equipped with extensive experience in scam prevention, provides clients with comprehensive information about potential brokers after an initial consultation. This empowers clients to make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to unscrupulous brokers.
  3. International Banking: Restore Arena actively identifies and combats national and international banking crime, sharing relevant information with law enforcement organizations worldwide. They collaborate with various police operations and spearhead campaigns against consortiums of fraudulent agents. The company also works to raise awareness about banking crime to prevent individuals from becoming victims.
  4. Merchants and Service Providers: Restore Arena provides global merchant services, including the management of cardholder data security. Clients seeking more information about this service can contact Restore Arena directly.


Restore Arena determines prices on a case-by-case basis and openly welcomes negotiations on fees. Commissions typically range from 7% to 35% and operate on a no-win, no-fee basis. Restore Arena offers a complimentary initial consultation.

Customer Support

Restore Arena prides itself on its honest and customer-focused approach. Unlike many payback companies that generate income from other involved parties in a case, Restore Arena states its commitment to transparently advising clients, even if it means forgoing additional income. Providing a top-notch customer service experience is of paramount importance to Restore Arena, reflecting their dedication to integrity and professionalism.

The Restore Arena office offers support and advice during the following hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

Pros & Cons


  • Successfully helped over 1300 people recover funds, totaling £16,000,000 to date
  • Impressive 89% success rate
  • Offers a wide range of services
  • High rating, with 88% of reviewers rating their service as great or excellent
  • Boasts a diverse team with expertise in creative services, insights and strategy, media research, and marketing data


  • No standardized commission fee
  • Limited opening hours for accessing customer support


Restore Arena consistently receives accolades for its exceptional customer service provision. Their impressive array of services, including pre-investment assessments, is complemented by the diverse industry expertise within their team.

While Restore Arena may not accept or win every case, their commitment to going the extra mile for clients is undeniable. If there’s a possibility of recovering funds, they exhaust every avenue to make it happen.

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I was able to recover all my funds after Restore Arena became involved. The bank was not interested and stated they would not refund the money. Once the legal team formatted a response the bank had no where to go and I received all my money back.
They only difficult I experienced was paying Money Back fee, the process of international fund transfer is messy, difficult and becomes an issue for the bank. This needs to be improved, otherwise I recommend this service if anyone is in this ever growing situation of scams. Restore Arena rocks!


I lost a significant amount of money to an online trader. I was very stressed out. I got in contact with Restore Arena

The advisors and penetration experts were very helpful & professional

They advised me that the online traders were in breach of the laws governing online trading

They them took me through the process of how to get a refund

They forwarded letters on my behalf and infiltrated into his system & I received 80% of what I lost.

Thanks so much to all the staff (esp two staff members in particluar, ) for their help & sorry I was difficult to deal with at times, but i was very upset & stressed during the 2 months of the matter.


I’m thankful for being able to find Restore Arena and have the opportunity to have Kor Tal as my case manager, he is so diligent, proactive, punctual I feel really happy and confident to have him as my case manager. So far things are looking good. I already got back some percentage of my money, my case manager is still working on my case. I gladly recommend

Matt Shaw

I contacted Restore Arena after reporting my scam situation to the police without any progress. I reached out after a read a dozen of positive reviews. Ben reached out to me and once I explained he advised the service the company offers and the cost. When I agreed I had a meeting with the senior penetration expert assigned to my case and then supplied all the documentation I had. Within 2 weeks and a half i got back 126K USD out the the 158k I was ripped off. I am in a much better place mentally and financially. I recommend Restore Arena.

Lank Abudl

I cannot thank enough the team of RESTORE ARENA! They are not the police, but a team of knowledgeable people who know how to help victims of scams. In my successful case, these guys showed determination, patience and extreme diligence at what the do and believe in. I have had the most pleasant experience working with case manager Mandox, dedicated and fully focused on fighting the good fight along with me. He was supportive, understanding, and what most important, genuine and trustworthy. I recommend this to everyone who got thorn by the claws of the scammers, big or small. I wish this company further growth and success.


I have been suffering with mental health issues after been scammed of over 108k from a con-man I met via Tinder. Long story short, Restore Arena saved my life. Money isn’t everything but money is needed for some of the most important things to lead a decent life. I recommend


RESTORE ARENA is a company that assists you go after money that has been scammed from. My case manager has been diligent and understanding. I highly recommend this service.


I am so impressed and happy with the service from so far.
They have worked diligently on my case and they definitely know what they are talking about when it comes to scams. I got 80% of my money back! phew!! Wasn’t the easiest but def worth it.

Lola Shaw

My experience with the company so far gave me a good feeling of professionalism and support from a great team. As for Miss Chiva, she was always there for me with a quick reply, professional advice and an answer to all my concerns. I can tell that my case is in her good hands, I trust her dedication in handling my case and hope with her help I’ll soon get my money back. I can’t wait to share the good news brings to me soon.

Sandra Kolli

It was well worth the wait. The process took some time due to do some docs I couldn’t provide but managed to dig it out after a while. I’m thankful I received some money back after losing it to crypto scammers online. The case handlers were great, always keeping you updated and provided the required skills and input when mattered. Really thankful for the team that I managed to get some lost money back. Big ups, Restore Arena.


I fell into investment scheme and lost a significant amount of my money to HYIPs, helped me to recover money. Special thanks to Mr Henzel who worked side by side to help recover money.


I was contacted by an agent to invest in a regulated Broker, which subsequently resulted in me losing enormous amount of money over a six-month period. This caused severe financial and mental stress. However, this case was resolved and I was able to recover 80%. I had a team assigned to my case and a personal case manager who’s name is Jack was my main point of contact, who updated me regularly and assisted me in this process. This could not have been achieved without Restore Arena and I would recommend their services, they are legit and I appreciate their efforts. did that!


I had some dark moments and nightmares losing all my savings due to scammers. I was completely lost and hopeless until I found out about Restore Arena, they saved my ass. If anything looks too good to be true then it most likely is. Thank you I am typing this with a tear rolling down my face.

Robert Stan

My experience with was excellent, I got my money back in less time than they expected, in 3 months my case was already solved.I have to thank especially Arthur Shaw for his professionalism and constant update on my case. I highly recommend this Restore Arena.


I’m giving a five-star rating!! They know their onions! Thank you for coming through, restore arena.

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